Gesima Sub County Hospital conducts first C-section Delivery as Kijauri and Nyamusi await opening

The establishment of a theatre at the Gesima Sub-County hospital in Nyamira County came in hand to save the life of one Precious Maosa, a child born through the Cesarean Section (CS), the first of that procedure in the hospital.


Maxilla Shibogo, the mother to Precious, became the first woman to receive the C-section services in the facility due to obstructed labor, was overjoyed for having received the services at the hospital. The baby girl, weighed three kilograms at birth.


“We are happy as government that Gesima Sub County Hospital is the second facility outside Nyamira County referral hospital to have carried out the first ever C-section delivery successfully in Masaba North Sub County,” said the County Executive Committee Member (CECM) for Health Services Mr. Douglas Bosire.


Gesima Sub County Hospital is now the latest, after Manga, which conducted their first C-section delivery a few months ago. This successful procedure brings the total functional operating theatres in Nyamira County to five, after inheriting only one in 2013.


“Initially the hospital was not able to perform the operation because they didn’t have the required equipment and machines and drugs necessary,” ‘Said Dr. Lynn Mumo, the hospital’s medical superintendent.


“The baby was surgically delivered. This involved making one incision in the mother’s abdomen and another in the uterus. C-section deliveries are generally avoided before 39 weeks of pregnancy so that the child has proper time to develop in the womb,” explained Dr. Mumo.


 She added that sometimes complications arise and C-section must be performed before 39 weeks of pregnancy. Cesarean delivery is typically performed when complications from pregnancy make traditional vaginal birth difficult or put the mother or child at risk,” noted Dr. Mumo.


Henry Moturi, a board member at the facility acknowledged the support given by Nyamira County Government in terms of drug availability, generator, x-ray, theatre, Computerized Tomography (CT) scan and good service delivery to the community members.


‘We are happy and thankful to the governor of Nyamira His Excellency John Nyagarama, County Executive Member Mr. Douglas Bosire and the doctors for the good work they are doing for the public,’ said Edinah Bwogori, a local.


 “I have no regrets for giving birth to my first child, Precious, through C-section. I was in really in great pain when I came to the facility. I wouldn’t have made it and am thankful for the doctors who saved my life,” Said Ms. Shibogo, Precious’s mother.


 Mr. Douglas Bosire said that there was only one operation theatre in Nyamira since independence, currently there are five operating theatres in the county that is, three in the Nyamira County referral hospital, one at Manga and another one at Gesima Sub county Hospital.


He added that Kijauri and Nyamusi sub county hospitals are fully equipped and they shall be opened before end of year 2019.


“These are some of the steps that the governor is taking towards ensuring there is universal health coverage and reduced maternal and neo-natal mortality by availing emergency services as close to the population as possible,” added Bosire.